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Daleel el 3amal (in English, the job guide) is a platform designed to facilitate the search for professional job opportunities within the private sector. The platform aims to ensure a transparent, easy, and adequate promotion of employment opportunities, in the the belief of fair recruiting systems. 

Companies in the private sector can register and make use of the services offered through this platform.

For individuals, Daleel el 3amal offers accessibility to professional opportunities in the sector, while ensuring that job seeking becomes more convenient and accessible.

Daleel el 3amal is a spin off of Daleel Madani and is operated by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action. Daleel Madani gathers more than 25 million page views per year and is the reference for all things related to civil society, including civil society job opportunities. The Daleel el 3amal website will offer professional opportunities for the private sector.